How Does it Work?

Your colon can be kept clean and healthy by using a sea salt cleanse to flush your system. The best thing about it is that everything in your GI tract is cleaned by it starting from your mouth and ending at your bottom.
That’s why a salt water flush should be preferred to colonics or enemas. While these are also not bad cleansing methods, the sea salt flush also rids you of any other problems that might be ailing you.
Only your body waste is removed using enemas or colonics while this flush does that in addition to removing gas from your small intestine. The pH levels of your complete gastrointestinal tract will also be evened out by this method.
The number of pathogens, viruses, fungi and bad bacteria is reduced by having a healthy pH level in your GI tract. This will aid in your digestion too.
You will also be relieved of bloating, cramping, excessive burping, digestive irritation and gas. All these symptoms will run away by doing a sea salt flush regularly. Doing it is very easy, takes no time and is also very cheap.

The sea salt flush routine
You just take the salt solution and drink it in the morning after waking up. The reason behind choosing morning is that empty stomach serves the purpose well. It requires a large water container and a big tea spoon of high quality sea salt.
The specific gravity of this solution is the same as your blood so it is not absorbed into your blood because it is not processed by kidneys. It moves smoothly through your complete digestive tract and takes all the garbage along with itself to the very end.
This job can be efficiently done only by real sea salts so you must be careful while buying and aware of cheap varieties that are not real.
You should make sure you are using real and high quality sea salt which is not processed. I use Himalayan crystal salt. These high quality real sea salts can bought from health stores and online as well. Keeping both quality and price in mind, it is recommended to buy these from Spice Lab. Another advantage of this company is that they don’t take much time shipping the product to your front door.

Regular salt should never be used for such a flush!
Using regular table salt will just act as a poison. You just get sodium chloride in that after all the minerals have been taken out during its processing and chemical treatment. That’s not healthy for you. This can prove to be toxic and bad for your health.

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